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Please Read Carefully:




  • Complete all required information in blue/black ink. Incomplete forms will not be processed!
  • All questions must be read and checked and signature(s) provided.
    Forms are not to be modified or altered.
  • Non-degree/professional development students may only earn seven (7) credits per semester. It will be the student’s responsibility to oversee the number of credits issued--overage of credits will not be placed in future semesters.
  • Registration forms received after semester registration deadline will not be accepted.
  • For Bengal Web access or account information, contact IT Services at 208-282-4357.




  • Full payment must be included. Make checks payable to ISU--cash will not be accepted. Please allow 2-4 weeks for payments to be processed.
  • Because this is a reduced fee class--submission of the credit registration form constitutes as a commitment to the course. No refunds will be issued.
  • Reduced fee vouchers may only be used for 5597 courses.
  • Full attendance is mandatory for duration of course in order to receive full credit and satisfactory grade.
  • Courses taught within the dates below will be transcribed in the corresponding semester. Grades will be posted on ISU official transcripts after the closing date.
    To order a transcript, visit


Registration Form:
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